What They Never Teach you in Business School


What They Never Teach you in Business School

Your guide to Entrepreneurship with these 3 Tools

Whether you already have an established business or want to open one, the number one question will always be: what does it take to succeed?

Depending on what area of focus you are in, you went to a professional school, or you’re considering going back to get that renowned MBA. Depending on what you want to specialize in, it might not be a bad idea. However, you should know that getting that MBA won’t teach you how to run a multimillion dollar business – especially not your own. School will teach you the mere basics and are most often outdated; however, if you want to learn how to build a successful business in today’s economy, this is a guide for learning the absolute fundamentals. 

Your fundamentals start with successful habits and end with years of experience – seems impossible for a new entrepreneur? Not at all – Read On!

1. Time management skills – your no. 1 priority

As a Multipreneur, I frequently get asked how I find the time for my businesses, team, personal life, exercise, ……the list goes on. 

My secret: Time Management. 

Whether you already have had a business and you’re stuck or just starting out – it’s never too early or too late to develop Million Dollar habits. 

While in business school you might also have a lot on your plate, but you don’t typically learn about effective time blocking that leads into productivity. 

Especially with a lot on your plate, time is your most valuable asset. You can’t buy, rent or borrow any, no matter how much you want to; this means you need to utilize it wisely. Here are my top 2 time-saver tips:

While it’s essential to have a set bedtime routine with high quality sleep, you should focus on preparing everything for the next day in the evening prior:

Prepare a list of everything necessary:

– Meetings to attend

– Productivity-List
– List of To-Do’s

– Things you need to remember 

Second, with a jammed packed schedule, learn to prioritize your tasks to save time – strategic planning. You can get easily trapped in deciding what to do next or get overwhelmed when you have a lot to do. By sorting your tasks based on importance, impact or  or time, you’re increasing your efficiency. 
Want to learn more about time management skills in group training? At my Sunday Study Power Hour Training, I provide complimentary coaching for entrepreneurs that want to enhance their productivity skills weekly. Reserve your seat here.

2. Failure – is your best teacher

Most of the time, when you ask an average person, they will say failure is a negative thing, and you want to prevent those. While this could work in the short run, it won’t work long term. 

Throughout life, especially in school, we are led to believe that mistakes are bad and need to be prevented at all cost. I still remember, in business school I was taught various strategies and strive for A’s. Even worse, they threatened you that you might get kicked out of the program with grades worse than B’s. Essentially, when you are taught to think that experience outside of the curriculum is bad or that you always need to strive for perfection. However, every successful entrepreneur, including myself, will tell you how essential failures are. In fact, it’s your best ally!

Think of it this way: scientists are conducting the same experiments repeatedly while changing only a few variables in their work — recording and learning from changes to double down on the ones that work. Eventually, leading to breakthroughs and the results they’re longing for.

That’s precisely the point – my failures were my teachers for exponential growth. Therefore, start seeing failures as learning opportunities while enhancing your mindset by opening yourself up to other possibilities. Each failure will make you feel like it’s a setback, like you want to give up. That’s how you end up developing a low self-worth that will lead to more pain and survival mindset… What can you do against that? Simply shift your thinking and look for the growth lessons.

Another thing school doesn’t teach you: the power of developing a strong mindset. 

Your mindset is the most powerful asset you own next to time. Reprogram your mindset from failure to opportunity. Especially when starting out, you won’t be the best at what you do. This won’t be something you will master overnight; however, by changing your mindset with the mentality of a winner, you will get ahead.

The only way you won’t succeed, is by not elevating the way you view your own self and your capable performance. If you embrace each challenge or failure with an opportunity to practice gratitude for this learning experience, you will slowly strengthen your mind.

Before I was able to unlock my full potential, I failed with my first few businesses, figuring out what worked and what didn’t work. Based on my journey, I wanted to help prevent other entrepreneurs not to make the same mistakes I made: So, I wrote a blueprint about the 7-steps to success – Grab Your Copy Here.

If you want more, consider enrolling in my risk-free inner-circle coaching program, for the first time 7-days completely free. I will personally coach you and help to shift your mindset, strengthen it and enhance your own potential.

3. Mentorship – your way to success

As you probably learned already, entrepreneurship isn’t a fairytale. Things will go wrong, and you will lose money and eventually, you will learn. However, by then, you have spent thousands of dollars and lost an enormous amount of time. Guess how I found out? 

Even with an MBA or multiple degrees, you will still miss life experience working in a top-tier position or building your own business. So, how do you acquire the knowledge worth years of experience – in the fastest way possible? The answer is through mentorship. Similar to a college program advisor, but better, with the mindset and experience to build a million dollar empire. 

With a strong leader behind you, someone who has been at the point where you are and has made all the mistakes you can think of, you can develop the best foundation for your future. That way, 15 years down the line, you won’t be thinking, I wish I’d have known all these things before starting out – consequently, it’s not about what you learn, it’s about who you learn it from that will determine your success curve. 

I don’t doubt that you can make it into the top 5% on your own; many entrepreneurs have. Still, with a mentor, you will get there the fastest way possible. Further, this is also a way to learn more about your limitations, like when you need to start thinking about expanding your team, enhancing your skills, and scaling your business once the foundation is set up.

Want to experience what it’s like to have mentorship? I am inviting you to apply for my elite program, where I will take your life and business to the next level by working together.

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Rob N. Zweerman has been a serial entrepreneur for over 10 years and has personally built 6 companies that have sold millions combined worth of products and services. 


Rob now specializes in helping highly motivated starters and entrepreneurs double their revenue and impact in a global marketplace in 12 months or less, without sacrificing a lifestyle of freedom following a unique approach to steady growth, and financial security. 


Having worked with everyone from solopreneurs to large scale organizations, Rob has created a track record of massive results.

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