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At a young age I discovered I had a burning desire to be successful, to be great.

But growing up in a small town, opportunities were pretty much ZERO.

I began working at the age of 13, exploring my passions, trying to land every job that challenged me while trying to make money. I tried bar tending, I became a sail instructor, I started selling products and services door-to-door and even became a corporate banker. My rule was; if it scared me, I would go all in on it.

But in those years, I also hopelessly failed. I racked up $85,000 in debt, I had 4 business failures in a row, I wasted years of my life drifting in all kinds of directions.

I was broke, and extremely frustrated.

I’d spend my first twenty-five years listening to bad advice and people telling me that average is good enough.

I got stuck not knowing how to unleash my true potential.

So I tried to forget my childhood obsessions - to become a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, launching brands, travel the world, and drive awesome cars, etc.

And as a result of trying to be more REALISTIC…

I sank from average to absolute ROCK BOTTOM.

If Your Plan Isn’t
Working, Change The
Plan, Not Your Dreams

I needed to radically change quickly.

So I began redesigning how I approached everything.

Deep down I always knew that there was more out there for me…

I started seeking new mentors. I began reaching out to highly accomplished people, I made it my mission to surround myself with success driven people.

They had it all, and I wanted in.

In the years that followed, everything changed.

Not only did I overcome my fears and get back in the game of life, but I also found my purpose!


Fast-Forward to today….

If you told me 15 year ago that I would pack up my entire life to travel the world while making a change helping thousands of people, I never would have believed you.

I embraced a radical shift in mindset and embraced my obsession to explore my ultimate potential.



Today I have truly created a life of happiness and FREEDOM.

But the price of success is learning what drives performance and how to manage it. You have to learn how to take control over your life. Especially achievers, because the drive to succeed has a way of taking control.

You can have success in every area of your life without feeling overwhelmed.

But every serious achiever needs training.

So if you are reading this, regardless of your

background, what your family is like, or what your crazy big dream is, then I want you to make the decision right now to put yourself FIRST.


Because you only get a few shots in life to unleash your true potential and create the life of your dreams.

SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY does exist.

If you’re ready to be more focussed, creative, powerful and happy than you ever imagined, then I invite you to get started…

I hope my story shows others that if you change your story, you can change your life.

Performance Coach

to Serious Achievers

Much of Rob’s growth and success can be ascribed to his coaches and mentors, who changed his life in a very short period of time. It was the solid support and guidance of his teachers that gave him the confidence that would lead to more success. It is also why Rob is so passionate today about empowering people with the right education through mentoring and coaching.

In 2017, Rob Zweerman created micro-learning experiences for serious achievers through the Entrepreneur Wealth Academy, Executive Coaching, Mastermind and Speaker Series Podcast in collaboration with iconic brands, celebrities, and business legends.

“Personally, I get a lot of satisfaction from working with people who want more from life. Through my training programs, coaching and workshops I found my place where I can share myself with the world. I find comfort in training high achievers and sharing my knowledge in the area of performance, branding, business and self-development.

Leader of a High Performance Movement

Rob Zweerman is known as an expert in up leveling people to achieve their greatest potential. As a speaker, coach, and author, Rob has mentored high-impact entrepreneurs, helped launch businesses, and changed lives through his workshops, live appearances, and education programs.

“We all struggle with what I call a Low-Self Image… it’s that little voice inside that constantly whispers in your ear and says, “you’re not good enough” just at the exact moment when life is asking you to raise the bar and succeed. Self-motivation and mindset are therefore forever changing – you have to work at it daily. Reaching your highest potential is not a destination – instead it’s a habit that requires daily management until it becomes automatic if you want wealth and success.”


An Athlete By Heart

From the age of 6, Rob grew up playing competitive sports like tennis, soccer, and started practicing in judo, boxing, and kickboxing. However, Rob eventually stopped training due to a severe knee injury that took almost 8 years to recover from. During the recovery period he learned the concept of self-motivation and self-discipline which ultimately led to developing his life-long passion for high-impact sports and endurance competitions such as; The Spartan Race, and IronMan both of which was influenced by the philosophy of self-motivation and discipline.

Rob strongly believes that endurance and power isn’t simply a mentality of “the strongest will survive” but is driven by a deep philosophy of achieving fulfillment and self-actualization. For Rob, endurance sport is an intrinsic part of personal development, a philosophy that drives everything he stands for.