3 Simple Techniques on Reprogramming the Brain for Success

It’s not Rocket Science, Promise!

Think back to school times or even college: we often learn about basic physics and basic biology in school, however, for most it’s a dragging subject. What if I told you, that you can connect some simple theories to growing and operating a successful business? Stay with me, I promise it’s worth it. 

Vibration is a state of equilibrium, which means you are at state of balance. To reach your highest potential as a human being, you want to be at a state of balance at all times mentally and physically. Ideally, you want to raise your energy to also reach your highest potential – makes sense, right?

Mindset Transformation

The human potential is enormous and only the sky is the limit. However, how do you achieve your highest potential? I’ll tell you my personal secret formula to success:

If you create feelings and emotions towards a situation, it will create an action, which will create results. Therefore, if you’re thinking of something, you’re certain to produce an emotion, which can be either good or bad, which then produces an action, and a result.

Example: If you wake up having a bad day, feeling terrible, and deciding to stay in bed. You took the action to stay in bed, which in return, gave you the result to feel terrible.

Now, you’re probably saying that this happens, especially if you’re sick. Of course, this happens and this is life. But, what if I told you, you could make yourself better, just by shifting your perspective?


What if I told you that gratitude creates one of the highest frequencies? Putting it in numbers, standard vibrations range from 50 to 700 megahertz. Gratitude can make you experience up to 540 megahertz!

But what does this actually do? Why am I telling you this? Anytime, you experience a higher state of energy, your body will release endorphins, which are hormones that will make you feel happier and better overall.

Thinking back to the example I gave: if you wake up feeling terrible and don’t want to do anything at all, other than pull the blanket above your head, and stay in bed all day. Practice gratefulness in that moment. Gratefulness to be able to stay in a warm bed. Gratefulness to be alive, even if you feel bad. Gratefulness to the support you may receive during that time, like from your family, friends, or partner.

If that doesn’t help, try this:

Envision the life you’d like to have. Envision every moment of the perfect life, you’d want to experience at some point. Manifest the feelings you have once you reach that point in your life and familiarize yourself how it will feel like. How happy are you? How much joy do you have in life? 

Thinking of what you’re grateful for or experiencing clear visions will raise your vibrational energy. Not only that, but you will feel a lot better. You have nothing to lose, so why not give it a try?

Your brain – left, or right?

I have studied this a long time and I believe that there are two kinds of people. One type that uses the left side of the brain, and the other, that uses the right side. Left-brainers think in terms of systems, tools, and strategies. Right-brainers are more focused on creativity and ideas. They often appeal more to be empathetic and experience when something feels right. Can you guess which one you are?

Application: Let’s say you write on a piece of paper your ideal dream life. You’re writing it in an affirmative style. The next morning, you wake up and don’t feel your best. Taking the piece of paper from the day prior and reread. Even if you are not there yet, reading what you deeply desire can change and alternate your circumstances. It will increase your vibrational energy and likely make you feel better.

Did this information intrigue you to explore how you can take charge of your daily results? Consider applying for a free coaching slot, and discover the principles of reprogramming the brain for high performance here!

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Team Rob N. Zweerman

Rob N. Zweerman has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, and has personally built 6 businesses that have sold a combined $1.5 million worth of products and services. “I got started when I was 24 years old and living pay-check-to pay-check. After years of failure, I discovered that I had my business up-side-down”. 

Instead of using the next great tactic, Rob relies on strategies developed from real experience in the marketplace. Having worked with everyone from solopreneurs, to influencers, to large scale organizations, Rob has created a track record of massive results. Rob now specialize in helping highly motivated starters and entrepreneurs double their revenue and impact in 12 months or less, without sacrificing a lifestyle of freedom following a unique approach to growth, and financial security.

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