How to use this daily gratitude practice, not only on Thanksgiving, to get massive results in life


Thanksgiving specifically is celebrated to give thanks for everything we have. It seems that on that day precisely, everyone is finding multiple reasons to be grateful for. This leads to an atmosphere change as well as an increase in overall positivity among people. 

It appears that the majority of problems disappear on that day, and everything is exactly how it should be. Instead of complaints and sadness, you hear more about happiness and serenity. This is the type of approach you want not only use on that one day of the year, but in fact every day!

Gratitude is your master key.

Gratitude itself is described as adding value to a situation or an act, while being in a state of appreciation. Such a state enhances your vibrational energy and, therefore, your overall well-being. 

But how do you get there? How do you practice gratitude, if you don’t feel that way naturally?

Think about recent events in your life. How fast can you recall negative and how many positive ones? Likely, you can recall more negative than positive ones. That is natural, and our brain automatically chooses to remember less fortunate experiences over good ones. 

However, you have the power to change that. You have the ability to choose what you want your brain to focus on.

A strategy I personally use to change my mindset daily:

At the end of the day, write down everything that happened. Acknowledge the positive things and choose to give your full attention towards that. The more attention you give to it, the more it’ll manifest itself into your mind. 

Over time, you will notice a shift in your thinking, you will start seeing positive outcomes easier. 

Once you’ve reached a state, where you find yourself thinking of positive situations first 

– congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the most challenging part.

Unsure about this process and how to approach it better? I have a dedicate training for this every Sunday called Sunday Study Power Hour. Where I help shape your vision, review weekly performances, and help you enhance your productivity. 

Next, start journaling daily, recording positive outcomes only, and rereading them again in the morning to positively reinforce your start into the day. 

Another approach to start feeling more grateful, is to actually feel it.

Look outside:

If it’s a lovely fall day, think about the nice weather and the colors mother nature created.

If it’s raining, look at the walls and ceiling keeping you dry in your cozy home and the warmth hugging your body.

Think of your accomplishments in life, can you think of how many clients you’ve helped make a difference in their life?

Soak this feeling up.

Of course, thinking of these things is one thing, but actually feeling them is another. Close your eyes and feel thankful for whatever situation is in front of you. You will likely forget about these thoughts in a few weeks or even days; however, it is unlikely that you will forget the feeling and the emotions you’ve experienced through your body. 

If you want more, consider enrolling in my risk-free 7-day-free breakthrough program, where I will personally coach you and help you become the greatest version of yourself. 

Things of the same nature attract each other.

If you start feeling grateful and more positive about your daily life, you will attract positive outcomes. Think about it. The ones thinking about being wealthy, usually are. The ones thinking about being poor, typically are. While the ones thinking about being happy, typically are happy. 

The more you utilize this method, the more you will experience its power. The more you will experience the power of your mindset. I hope this helps. If you still have questions, click here to schedule a free consultation for help to reprogram your brain for high performance.

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