The Life of a High-Performance Entrepreneur


The Life of a High-Performance Entrepreneur

What it Looks Like, How to Get There, and How to Stay There

At some point, every entrepreneur has dreams of being at the top of his industry as a high-performer. We all have our own idea of what that would look like deeply embedded into our minds. 

One of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs never make it to the top, is because they have false illusions of grandeur. To put it simply, they are in need of a serious reality check. Business owners who have far exceeded our wildest dreams are sometimes unrecognizable because we don’t even know what an high-performance entrepreneur actually looks like – let alone what it takes to get and stay there. 

What it actually looks like

It may come as a surprise that the top 1% are rarely noticeable to the human eye. A lot of this has to do with attitude and not their physical presence. 

They don’t chase, cold call, act pushy or aggressive, beg, or outright demand from others. Instead, they act calm, smooth, and respond calculated. They aren’t in a hurry and they understand how vital it is to remain a person of patience under all circumstances.

Read the 3 Principles to Live by.

In a more physical sense, these business owners are also hard to spot, because their career has given them immense freedoms. Even pre-COVID, they were coming to the office only when they felt it was important and working remotely the rest of the time. Some even travel to their clients, because they understand the importance and value of trust, which only is getting strengthened.

The relationship with clients is crucial, even more crucial is the onboarding system that will make you stand out from the competition – your way of doing is what makes you part of the top 1%.

Unsure about the proper set up of an onboarding system? I have a dedicated elite program to take your life and business to the next level.

The journey 

The journey to the top is different for every high-performance entrepreneur, but there are certain characteristics that can help stimulate the process. 

First, before any major growth can happen, it is vital to nail down business priorities. In fact, there should never be a time when income producing priorities aren’t “aligned,” and they should be routinely re-visited. 

Second, communicating with your staff and teams to take their opinions into consideration, this process will grow your company. As a business owner, it is impossible to know everything and be everywhere at the same time. Relying on a team who feel they are trusted and valued will encourage and motivate the company’s overall culture! 

Read more about wearing too many hats inside an organization: The 3 Principles to Live by.

Learning to make quick decisions is a hugely overlooked skill which leads us to our third and final tip for the day. 

It may take time, however, making decisions precisely and fast is a skill that you need to develop. It shouldn’t take you more than 5 seconds to make any decision within your business, based on your intuition – it all depends on adopting a growth or opportunity oriented mindset. 

It’s proven, the longer we take time to think about a matter, the more likely we are to decide for something less risky – and less beneficial. Further, the time saved from dragging things out, hesitation, and self-doubt will make all the difference along the entrepreneurial journey. 

If you want to explore this process in more depth, consider enrolling in my inner-circle coaching program, for the first time, we offer 7-day completely free, because we are serious about our training. I will personally coach you and help you implement these life changing techniques in your business.


While it is relatively difficult to make it to the top in your industry, it is even harder to stay! That is why it is so important to practice consistency as an entrepreneur. 

The skills that can get an entrepreneur to the top might not always be the one that keeps them there. That is where the phrase “consistent flexibility” comes into play. 

Re-addressing priorities on a regular basis in a great example of consistency. Changing those priorities to fit business needs is an example of the flexibility part. 

In addition to remaining in a state of consistent flexibility, I also recommend learning the skill of listening (to your mentors, to your staff, to competitors, and fellow industry colleagues) – even when the information isn’t always pleasant! 

My final two tips for staying at the top go hand-in-hand: 

Education and reading. 

Even though it should come as no surprise that reading and furthering education should be some of the most important things one can do for their business, I find over and over again that entrepreneurs are “too busy” for either. 

The best of the best, the 1%, the high-performance entrepreneur that everyone else is looking up to are telling us this is one of the most vital keys to their success. We think it is probably past time to start listening to them.

Building high performance habits overtime that will get you and keep you in the top 1%, should never be a wish, but a priority. Your education being one of them, because the industry doesn’t stop changing. 

You want to be on top and aware of the latest shifts in the market and economy, locally and even globally in order to continuously help your clients get their next breakthrough. 

Read about my list of favorite books that helped me develop high performance habits over time: 5 Techniques to Develop Millionaire Success Habits.

If you still seek more answers about the high performance life, consider booking an alignment call with one of our top performance coaches that dive deep into your core essence to uncover your greatest area’s of opportunity.

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Having worked with everyone from solopreneurs to large scale organizations, Rob has created a track record of massive results.

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