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"I'll Work With You 1 on 1 Through The Exact Same Business Blueprint I've Used To Design My Life and Generate 7-Figures in Sales Online Step by Step..."

I Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Business To Help You Double Your Traffic, Conversions And Sales Over The Next Few Months!"

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There Are Only 3 spots every quarter in my Personal Mentoring Program, because I like to give my students my undivided attention. If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then A Few Spots Have Opened Up...

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With Rob 1-ON-1?

I love helping and coaching Entrepreneurs to get to the next level, I find it’s an amazing way to help give clarity, strategy and the next steps that have allowed me to help 100’s of Entrepreneurs past 6 - 7+ figures.

When I work with someone, here’s how we approach it…

1. The Plan

  • Once you’re in, my team will send you an intake form — I’ll use this to identify exactly what I believe needs to happen next in your business.
  • This has over 50 questions that we’ve developed after helping 100’s of Investors and Entrepreneurs and allows me to have an inside look at your business.
  • From there, I will personally deliver a written + video strategy for exactly what I believe you need to focus on in the next 6-12 months. This gives you the exact steps I would focus on if it were my own business.

2. The Curriculum

  • I started my Entrepreneurial journey back in 2008 and I know what it's like to struggle. I struggled for years, because I refused to implement, I was scared of investing money in traffic and in mentoring, and I was jumping from one thing to another, unable to FOCUS.
  • I'll tailor a plan, and now that you have the exact steps you need, it’s time to start implementing — and I’ll be there with any questions you have along the way.
  • Not sure whether you’re doing something correctly or you don’t feel like the path you’re on is delivering results? You can message me on our private mentoring channel whenever you need for the entire length of time we work together and I’ll reply via voice or text to help you get super clear on your path, feel supported, and be ready for the next level.

3. Mentoring Calls & Support Community

  • Having group calls and community is important, which is why you also get access to Group Q&A calls for live time with me, plus, a Private Mentoring Channel for our ONE-ON-ONE moments.
  • You'll have access to all those entrepreneurs I’m working with on an ongoing basis. From Entrepreneurs generating $10K/mo up to those making $100K/mo, it’s an amazing place of “similar vibe” people building their business.

If You Get Accepted Into My Personal Mentoring Program, This Is How It Will Work:

With my Personal Mentoring Program you have 3 options:

  • Option #1 is to work together online. We'll share our screens and I'll guide you through all the steps you need to take, our sessions will be spread over 3 to 6 months, depending on your level and your individual business needs. You get the recordings of each session so you can always revisit them afterwards.
  • Option #2 You can invite me to your home town and we can work together "In-Person" for three days, and that means, we will create a plan, structure it and implement it in record time! But it doesn't end there, after we complete our In-Person Mentoring, you'll have my ongoing support and attention for 3 full months. I want to make sure you're implementing and following the plan, but most importantly, that you get RESULTS.
  • Option #3 you come to Austin, Texas! We spend 3 days working on your business systems, processes and milestones. When you come get accepted to join me in my office in Austin, as a bonus you get access to my Professional Video team, we will record all your marketing videos you'll need to finalize your offer, and even edit them for you.

Once you fill out the form on the next page, and if you get accepted, you are invited for a onboarding conversation with me or with one of my Enrollment Advisors, to evaluate the following area's:

  • What Are You Selling?
  • What Does Your Current Sales Funnel/Business Model Look Like?
  • How Are You Generating Traffic/Getting Leads?
  • What Are You Doing On The Back End?
  • What Do You Want To Achieve Moving Forward?
  • What is Your Money Mindset Like?

“Personal Mentoring with Rob changed my identity and it changes my results. Best investment I could have ever made.”

  • This is for the Entrepreneur that understands that having a mentor will increase momentum, reduce friction (and makes) and costs a LOT less than figuring it out themselves while also being for the Entrepreneur who wants direct access and help.
  • Remember this: "Your Only Limitation Is The One You Set Up In Your Own Mind" - Napoleon Hill
  • My Private Mentoring Program is designed for you to learn, implement and create next-level results. So what are you waiting for?
  • Be aware that my personal mentoring program can only accept 5 clients per quarter. This is not made up - I really can't clone myself to fly to that many homes in one year, or have that many clients join me in my office. Will you work with me personally on your business next?
  • It's time to decide.
  • The next step?
    Submit this simple intake form and we’ll be in touch to see how Rob can help you reach the next level.

“The entire experience working with Rob Zweerman and the team has been nothing less than mind-blowing, to say the least!”

Now, you’re probably wondering...

“What’s the investment, Rob?"

In truth, I’m quite affordable for the right entrepreneur considering the return on investment. I've developed two top-tier options for helping you get started inside of my world while focusing on scaling yours.

14 Weeks



  • 1X Copy of the High Performance Method Manifesto

  • 6-12 Month Strategy for Growth & Scaling Developed by Rob

  • 1-ON-1 Coaching Sessions + Audio Access to Rob for personal communication

  • Lifetime Access to Content, Templates & Courses

  • Access to Group Call & Mastermind Community

24 Weeks



  • 1X Copy of the High Performance Method Manifesto

  • 6-12 Month Strategy for Growth & Scaling Developed by Rob

  • 1-ON-1 Coaching Sessions + Audio Access to Rob for personal communication

  • Lifetime Access to Content, Templates & Courses

  • Access to Group Call & Mastermind Community

  • 1X Copy of the High Performance Method Manifesto

Frequently Asked Questions
About Personal Mentoring:

We get things rolling right away, afterwards you will get all of your onboarding information, your intake form which generally takes about 90 minutes to fill out. Afterwards, you get direct access to Rob via a personal audio channel as you both start building the next version of you and your business.

Generally Rob will review your intake and then answer any follow-up questions. From there, you will receive both an video assessment going through what is needed alongside of a written version.

From here, you will work with Rob to develop the finer details and get things into action.

You have direct access to Rob, in general, he replies 3-4 times per week and accepts both (brief) audio notes and text.

This is where the majority of the Entrepreneurs get the highest level of value. Having someone in your pocket that has mentored 100’s of businesses and investors is invaluable.

Your time officially starts when you receive the strategy.

Depending on Rob’s schedule, workload and your specific business it can take a month. The sooner you get started, the sooner we can get rolling.

As with all programs, it has a dedicated timeline to get specific results, however, if it’s a great fit Rob loves working with Entrepreneurs long term. We have additional support or programs for those who are committed to long term mentoring. Exclusive incentives and discounts apply.

Some Of The Industry Leaders I've Been Able To
Connect With And Train Myself With...

Rob with George Ross, Frank
McKinney and Hugh Hilton

Rob with Billionaire Fred Fishback & Vanilla Ice

Rob with coach JT Foxx

Rob with financial coach
Angeline Wehmeyer

Rob with Olympic Gold Medalist Steven
Bradbury & Bruny Surin

Rob with chess grandmaster
Garry Kasparov

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“I’m so greateful to have run into Rob and the Personal Mentoring Program and the Team. I experienced so many breakthroughs physically, spiritually and in business.”

Direct 1-ON-1 Access With Rob

  • For Entrepreneurs who want a mentor that is going to hold them to what’s needed for the next level of the growth of themselves and the business.
  • So... After Everything I've Shared About Personal Mentoring, If You Are Interested In Joining My Personal Mentoring Program...
  • ..and you know that you have a well-thought through product or service, you're an action taker, but you need that push, that guidance, the mentorship that I can provide, then...
  • Start the application process, it's free. It will ask you few qualifying questions we'd like you to answer, so we can get to know you better.
  • Please fill out this application completely with as much detail as possible.
  • If your application is approved, you'll be able to schedule a strategy call with me or one of my team members, to find out more about you, your background, your needs and whether or not I can help you!