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the high

The most important decision you can make in your
business is choosing the right mentor.

Discover the groundbreaking performance methods that's helping companies and individuals achieve success faster.

I've had the good fortune to work with some incredible mentors, and I would not be where I am today without them. That's why I founded the High Performance Method, originally designed to help my internal staff succeed more consistently.

The High Performance Method Consists of a small group of business owners that work directly with me, my team, and some of the most successful Entrepreneurs & Investors I know to move forward faster, smarter, and more powerfully toward their goals and dreams.

The level of personalized attention, the accountability and reframing false beliefs I never knew I had gave me so much confidence. I have been playing too small. Can't thank Rob enough for his guidance and coaching.

Stephen Lee Thomas
San Francisco, CA

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With Performance Mentor & Investor Rob Zweerman

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Why Your Next Level of Success
Requires A New Way of Being…

  • Maybe you can relate?
  • You’ve worked hard to gain specialized skills and build a business that many would be proud of.
  • But not you.
  • You know what your full potential looks like… and you’re not even close to where you COULD be…
  • The impact you could create, becoming the go-to-person in your industry, and heck, even the impact you could make on the planet.
  • Even though you’ve been putting in the time, energy and sacrifices for years, it’s frustrating to know that you’ve only achieved so much…

Most Of Us Severely Underestimate Our Capabilities…

  • How do you unlock your CEO identity so you can experience a real transformation in all areas of life and soar to 6- and 7-figures or beyond with your business?
  • It’s what you don’t know that's keeping you there.
  • It takes a different approach to reach that next level of success.
  • If you are ready to finally leverage that someone that removes all the guess-work and moves directly to your next-level results…
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meet the founder

Hi, my name is Rob Zweerman

  • For the past 10+ years I have been sharing real-world experience for explosive personal & business growth, training serious achievers, entrepreneurs and companies in areas such as branding, sales and marketing and investment strategies.
  • Through our High Performance Training Programs, Personal Mentoring and Entrepreneur Podcast in collaboration with iconic brands, celebrities, and business legends, my core focus is to help those who truly desire to be great unlock their full potential to build businesses of significance with influential brands and with the financial awareness that builds long-term wealth.
  • I am dedicating my life to paying forward the enormous lessons I have learned from my teachers.
  • But, it wasn’t always like that.

(Some) Praise From Our Clients

WELL OVER $1,000,000+ A MONTH.

Rob has trained my team's, teaching us how to automate our sales processes and growing the businesses using branding. I am excited to scale considerably over the next few years and send all my clients and new team members for high performance training training.

Angeline Wehmeyer
Dallas, TX

“The High Performance Method coaching changed my life. Before joining the program, I was just getting by relying on word-of-mouth referrals. The program helped me develop a streamlined sales process that immediately helped me generate 6-figures with clients in 4 different continents. I am so blessed and grateful.”

Beatrice Kimath
Tanzania, Africa

"I am so grateful to have run into Rob and the Executive Performance Program. Since the day we started, I experienced so many breakthroughs physically, spiritually and in business. I am thankful for all the lessons that gave me tremendous joy and laser focus. I am so excited for the journey that is ahead of me in my business".

Lisette Hasan
Scottsdale, Arizona

"Now 6 months in, I finally feel I am on my journey to building a world-class business. The program helped me focus, helped clarify my goals, and taught me how to get there faster. Besides all business breakthroughs, I have also gained so much clarity on my purpose as a human being. This was transformational".

Justin Martinez
Dallas, Texas

“High-Performance Coaching and working with Rob skyrocketed my business already after week one. The systems and processes have 4Xed my results while routinely working on expanding my vision and weekly performance”

Myriam Orellana
Montreal, Canada

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The High Performance
Implementation Challenge

  • Access elite-level growth strategies I don't share anywhere else weekly.
  • Plus, learn what it takes to achieve transformational growth, normally only shared with our inner-circle clients.
  • Get access to the high performance tools & resources, templates, swipefiles and much more...

Discover Our High Performance Method

We have designed a step-by-step coaching program designed to help coaches, consultants, & investors rise to their maximum potential by doubling their traffic, conversions and sales.