Why sales is the livelihood of a business


Why sales is the livelihood of a business
– and why you should focus on relationship marketing

You’re an expert in your niche, and you have high-quality products. Still, your conversion rate is low. While you can attract your ideal clients with outstanding marketing and quality content, you need to turn these leads into actual clients. Therefore, you need to develop a high-quality lead strategy to convert as many leads as possible.

The goal is to skyrocket your conversion rates.

Generating Leads

Anytime you are promoting your services and providing sensational content, whether in the form of a blog, masterclass, or other free eCourses, you’re generating potential leads. You are starting to build authority by providing educational and engaging material, which leads your audience crave for more. 

You have it all set up: the content, the marketing, and client on-boarding strategy. 

However, you’re still not getting the numbers you’re envisioning. On one side, is your mindset holding you back from achieving the sales numbers you desire? I dedicated an entire article to reprogramming the brain to achieve your next breakthrough.

On the other side, it might be your client-enrollment strategy.

You proved your expertise through the life-changing content you’re providing. However, while that content is free, you still want to utilize it to the max. You do that successfully by embedding calls-of-action (CTA), which tells your readers exactly what to do. Not only does it tell them what to do next, like signing up for your complimentary masterclass, but it also informs them that you have a lot more to offer– the sky’s the limit!

This is the time when your prospect first meets you personally, possibly through a Virtual Meeting or Phone Call. They get to know your personality, more of your expertise, and how you can bridge their gap with your solution. 

Some people jump on opportunities right away, while others need more time warming up. 

That’s where the principle of follow-ups come into play. Within a short timeframe, you want to follow-up with your prospective clients, whether they have more questions. This also gives you an opportunity to invite them to more training sessions. You’re nurturing the relationship and build a trust foundation – which also shows that you’re different from competitors. Are you unsure about this process and it’s approach? I have a dedicated training for this every Sunday called Sunday Study Power Hour. Where I teach how to shape your vision and sales process.

Client relationship

Building a meaningful client relationship is essential to create, keep, and even get back former clients. By nurturing it early on, you’re building trust and your leadership influence. 

Therefore, nurturing

–       new leads, establishes trust and authority

–       existing clients, keeps the clients and reassures them of their choices to work with you

–       former clients, may return them or lead to referrals

Suppose you want to build a strong client relationship. In that case, focus on exceptional communication and demonstrate availability, which in return will make them feel important. When presenting them with availability and building trust, you should further open and honest conversations. Opening doors to this can come with critique and opinions that will differ. Remain professional and establish leadership by directing them towards the right answer while acknowledging them.

As an entrepreneur, you are wearing many hats, often leaving you overwhelmed and stressed out. However, it is essential not to let it out on them and keep a positive attitude. If you feel overwhelmed, I wrote an article on principles to live by as an entrepreneur, which teaches you a different perspective – making your life less stressful and more successful.

If you want more, consider enrolling in my inner-circle coaching program, for the first time, 7-day completely free, because we are serious about our training. I will personally coach you and help you implement these powerful techniques in your business.

Reputation that exceeds expectations

One of the significant benefits of building strong client relationships is that you’re building your reputation simultaneously. When delivering excellent communication and outstanding results, you will stand out more compared to the competition. 

A token of appreciation towards your clients can go a long way, which will strengthen not only your relationship with them, but also your reputation. 

Your goal is to go above and beyond for your clients.

A client alignment call leading into a sales call

Bringing clients in is important, because without clients, you won’t have a business. 

Going back to the beginning, you can have life changing content and consistent marketing to attract them. However, without proper onboarding systems, you won’t be able to convert your leads. 

Planning out your high quality client alignment call is crucial, so you won’t waste either of your time. You landed your first potential lead and set up an appointment. What now? Let me explain further steps leading to your success:

Your first step is to prepare properly and do your research:

-> Look at their social media – how engaged are they? Do they engage with their audience? What kind of content do they provide?

-> What type of branding do they have? Is it professional? Targeting a specific audience?

-> What is their credibility? Do they have a website? A blog? Quality content?

The answers to these questions will lead you to how their business operates and what improvement it needs! Now, you’re a step ahead, which establishes you as an authority figure. 

The difference between a discovery call and a sales call is that your lead already knows who you are. They know your products and what you can do. Now, they’re trying to find out if you’re the right one for them. Therefore, don’t make it about you. You’re getting to know each other, but the focus lays on your clients’ wants, desires, and fears.

You will stand out, if you focus on the client and make them feel important and valued. 

Nothing more will make a client run further into the other direction, than not being taken seriously and listened to.

Next step: goals. After listening and pinpointing problems or areas that need improvement – focus on their goals. If they don’t have any, you can help determine them together, which will increase your credibility and trust.

Going through the call, while you don’t speak as much about your skills, you are rather showing them. That means, offering bits of advice as well as valuable resources for free. Resources could be your ebook, free mini-classes, or business templates.

While you don’t give out all your knowledge, this method lays out the foundation and expectations of what it’s like working with you.

By the end of your discovery call, you pinpointed their problems, their goals, their expectations, and other relevant information towards your client. At the end, you want to offer them a piece of advice to solve one of their core issues for free to build more credibility and showcase your results. 

Offering a solution addressing their core problem builds trust and credibility and leads to sales.

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Having worked with everyone from solopreneurs to large scale organizations, Rob has created a track record of massive results. 

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