5 Tips on How to Start your Laptop Lifestyle


You’ve heard of entrepreneurs working from anywhere in the world. Traveling to the most exotic places, enjoying life to the fullest, while still bringing in an income. Or maybe your goal is not to travel, but to spend more time with your family, making memories, and be there for all the important moments.

No matter your reasoning, the goal is:

The freedom to work from anywhere and at any time. 

Here’s how you can achieve it: 

1.     Decide your reasoning and why you want to live this lifestyle

2.     Identify clear ideas on what type of business you want

3.     Identify your target audience – who will your clients be?

4.     Develop your idea into a business via strategies and a business model

5.     Find tools and resources to work more efficiently

#1 What type of remote worker are you?

What kind of lifestyle do you want? Create specific goals. 

Do you want to be a digital nomad?

Take multiple vacations per year?

Work from home all year round – family-focused?

Here are some characteristics of each:

A digital nomad travels the world while working, making it possible to change locations every few weeks. However, it can be challenging to maintain a work-life balance – so you really need to love what you’re doing.

If you just want to have the freedom to decide when you want to travel, then having a home base will be the best option. This will make it easier to maintain clients and a more manageable work-life balance, especially if you have children and a family. The downside is, you can get easily distracted, and your performance might be affected.

Working from home all year round – family-focused. As the name implies, you are focusing on your family, while still making an income. Here, your goal is to have life outweigh the work within the balance. While you will have more time to be with your family, you will need outstanding organizational and time management skills, so you don’t fall back on your responsibilities.

Unsure about your time management skills? I have a dedicated training for this every Sunday called Sunday Study Power Hour. 

#2 Business ideas

What niche would you want to be in? Would you love to provide a service? Coaching? Educational services? E-commerce? Or possibly owning your own shop?

Consider building a business within an area that you’re passionate about. 

Knowing what you want, will help you understand what steps you need to take next. 

The goal is to have a focus.

#3 Target audience

With developing your niche and the type of business you want to build; you will be able to identify your target audience. Meaning, the type of clients that will want your services. What needs they have, their interests, their goals, and how you can help accomplish them.

As an overview, answer the following questions and imagine your ideal client:

–       Gender focused? Will women or men be your target?

–       What are her/his needs?

–       What problems could they or their  business have?

–       What are their goals?

–       What are their interests?

–       What is the size of the market – are your clients highly specialized or general?

This will help you understand your clients better and therefore help you develop your branding.

#4 Business strategy and business model

By going through this blog, you’ve already completed parts of developing a business model!

Your next step is to identify what business resources you have and which ones you need; this would include building a team. In my recent blog, I described how you could be wearing too many hats.

You can be anyone and do anything you want, but you can’t do everything. 

Try to focus and outline each of these elements:

1.     Target audience 

2.     Services

3.     Business resources

4.     Competition

5.     Business partners – team

6.     Supply and demand

7.     Flexibility 

Unsure how to workout these fundamentals? I Invite your to book a complimentary call with me or my team to get your questions answered?

#5 Tools and resources

Leverage technology to improve efficiency, aesthetics, and organization.

Different software and programs that will make your life easier. Different areas require other  software and programs, such as for time management, project management, billing and accounting, and communication programs for your team. 

Each of these will enhance your business in different ways and make life easier. Especially within the remote world, time is money; therefore, you don’t want to waste it. The more efficient and the faster you complete your tasks, the more money you will make.

Track not only your projects, but also your progress, and goals. Programs for such workflows could be Trello, Asana, or Basecamp.

Not sure if you use your time efficiently? Organize your time schedule and utilize time blocking. Programs to help you determine your time management skills are time doctor or roadmap. Some apps that can also show you the programs and what tasks you still need to complete. Examples for such are Todolist, iDoneThis, or my personal favorite Timepage and Actions by Moleskin Studio (they go hand in hand and will replace your standard calendar targeting tasks). 

I hope this helps. If you still have questions, click here to book a complimentary seat on my next training geared towards your mindset and thought process, no matter your current situation or background.

If you want more, consider enrolling into my risk-free 7-day free trial program, where I will personally coach you and help you make the right decisions by teaching you my business model canvas and mindset philosophies.

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Rob N. Zweerman has been a serial entrepreneur for over 10 years, and has personally built 6 companies that have sold millions combined worth of products and services. 

Rob now specializes in helping highly motivated starters and entrepreneurs double their revenue and impact in a global marketplace in 12 months or less, without sacrificing a lifestyle of freedom following a unique approach to steady growth, and financial security.

Having worked with everyone from solopreneurs to large scale organizations, Rob has created a track record of massive results. 

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