How a Personal Brand Will Set You Apart in 2021


How a Personal Brand Will Set You Apart in 2021

The 7 Steps to Building an Iconic Brand

One of the fastest ways to sink and fail a business may be one of the simplest things to spot yet not the easiest to understand. In today’s economic climate, small businesses fail regularly because entrepreneurs forget to actually include themselves in the formula for success. 

Entrepreneurs are quick to focus on their business brand, but entirely overlook their personal brand. Here I have composed a helpful list of seven steps to build an iconic brand.

Before beginning, it is imperative to understand what an actual personal brand is. Consider what people think about you when you’re not in the room, which is exactly what you want your brand to say. It needs to speak volumes and outline your authority and breakthrough knowledge. This also means that personal branding comes even before business branding.

What people think about an individual will trickle down to what they think of the business, for better or worse – remember, first impressions sticks.

Step One

The first step to building an iconic brand is figuring out exactly what you wish to be known for. This is your moment to be yourself and not just another entrepreneur, coach, designer, etc. Consider how you wish to be described by others, from all backgrounds. 

Choose your brand carefully. It is important to remain faithful to your natural self, because it will be that much easier to stay consistent. 

Step Two

Next, you need to figure out how you are currently being perceived. Don’t take your own word for it. Make sure to approach people from all different parts of your life – not just the business side. 

Consider using social media comments or reviews, and Google your name and business. You may even decide to take the attributes from step one and ask trusted peers to rate you on a ten-point scale. Do not be surprised to find that there may be gaps from how you are currently perceived versus the brand you have selected for yourself.

Step Three

Now it’s about fixing those gaps. This is the time to have a personal brand consult with yourself using your findings. Consider the differences and brainstorm opportunities to change them. Specifically hone down on analyzing the signals you send others. Do they help or hinder your branding mission? 

Once you have laid out your findings and come up with new ways to re-invent the perception you wish to achieve, it is time for the next step: Taking action. 

Step four

There is a phrase used a lot in marketing, “living the brand promise,” and it should be at the forefront of your changes. The difference between how you are being perceived versus how you are projecting yourself can cost you your entire personal brand. 

That makes this one of the most vital steps of the process. It may take longer, and it could prove to even be painful at times, but it is the only way to achieve an iconic personal brand that produces success. 

Step five

Next, this step is to remain consistent to your changes on ALL platforms. For example, if your brand is based on an organic lifestyle, it would be a shot in the foot to post pictures eating fast food on your personal social media. It may also be worthwhile to picture this as a journey that you are taking your followers on with you. Allowing them a glimpse of your journey as your brand is changing will actually build trust, which helps create a genuine and in the long term, an iconic brand. 

If you’re unsure on how to design a brand that others will trust and that’s authentic to you, consider enrolling in my inner-circle coaching program, for the first time, 7-day completely free, because we are serious about our training. I will personally walk you through the brand story framework that takes you through a journey of crafting your identity and powerful brand story.

Step six

Just a forewarning, this next step is potentially trickier than it sounds. You will need to craft a genuine response to the question, “So, what do you do?” It shouldn’t be more than 30-60 seconds long, but it needs to encompass who you are, what you and your company do, and explain the value you provide for your target audience. 

This is your elevator pitch. 

It may come quick and naturally, or it may take several tries and tons of practice. Keep in mind, you should cover enough ground and be comfortable enough to be able to use this pitch within the timespan of an elevator ride.

Practicing it in front of a mirror can help, otherwise write down everything you’d usually tell a person. Then start removing minor things and focus on the big headlines. Simplify and summarize – and voilà, your elevator pitch.

Inside my inner-circle groups,  we offer dedicated training to help craft your brand vision, and create a powerful Brand Story and Elevator pitch. Speak to one of my team members about this training, and we might be able to get you inside. 

Step seven 

The last step is to put yourself out there! You know your vision, you are consistent in keeping your values across all platforms, you have minded the gaps, and you have nailed the perfect introduction to fit any networking moment you could possibly fall into. Your personal brand will follow you into every situation. It moves with you and it grows with you. 

Remember to check back into your brand attributes frequently and make sure that you are remaining consistent as time goes by. Because when you consistently market yourself, and live the Brand Story in a way that it intrigues people to speak about you, and share your story with others, you are ingraining yourself into their universe. 

A true iconic personal brand never vanishes.

If you still have questions about how to build your own iconic brand, click here to schedule a free consultation. My team and I will be able to hook you up with additional training that will help you get started.

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Having worked with everyone from solopreneurs to large scale organizations, Rob has created a track record of massive results.

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