Why Only A Closer Can Seal The Deal


Why Only A Closer Can Seal The Deal

A systematic review on how to skyrocket your numbers $$$

A Closer is someone who seals deals of high-ticket items, items that are worth $3000+. As an entrepreneur, you can choose to hire someone who seals the deals for you – or you become one yourself.

One of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs aren’t achieving their numbers is because they’re handling calls like salespeople. 

Let me explain; there’s a difference between a Closer and a salesperson. While a salesperson facilitates sales of products focusing on selling as many products as possible, the Closer focuses on the potential client and their needs.

This means the Closer doesn’t chase, cold call, act pushy or aggressive, beg, or outright demand from others. Instead, they act calm, smooth, and respond calculated. They aren’t in a hurry, and they understand how vital it is to remain a person of patience under all circumstances – and being in control of the situation.

No experience in sales necessary – even better if you don’t have any!

Traditional sales techniques focus on the selling part rather than on the personal needs of the prospects. While that works for low-ticket items, they don’t work for premium products or services. Therefore, focus is shifted towards the prospects’ needs, to ensure they’re all met and you are a good fit to work together.

This workflow resembles more of a discovery or alignment call rather than a sales call – like most entrepreneurs think initially. 

With sales, you are attracting clients and building relationships; however, as a Closer, you are sealing the deal as you onboard them successfully in a manner that makes you stand out from the competition.

With a problem-solving attitude, you give your clients peace of mind rather than the fear of persistent calls. Providing exceptional communications, offering possible solutions, and posing an adaptive attitude during alignment calls, you exceed expectations. This creates a demonstration of the quality of your organization, product or service.

By the end of the call, their hesitance now shifted into sealing the deal. 

Building authority by providing exceptional understanding of your clients needs leads to closure.

If you’re unsure about “the closers approach”, I have a dedicated training every Wednesday where I teach how to shape your sales qualification process. We are serious about our training, for the first time, sign up for a free trial and get immediate access to our inner-circle training.

If you don’t have any sales experience, it might be in your advantage because you don’t have to unlearn conventional sales methods, you may get a breakthrough faster.

Closing Skills – Skills you have and the ones you need to acquire

It doesn’t come as a surprise that specific skills are required to become “A Closer” of premium products or services. 

Before you can begin utilizing typical skills such as persuasion and influence, you first need to develop a foundation: to remain in control of the situation and be able to shift a conversation anytime. Being in control of these alignment processes will give you an advantage, and you will be able to redirect and steer focus if required. 

Second, you need to develop a higher form of professionalism. Like other professionals such as Doctors, people come to you with a specific problem looking for a specific solution. It is your task to determine if they’re a good fit and then convince them of the breakthrough results they can expect through working with you.

When you provide solutions, you’re building trust, strengthening your client relationship, and enhancing the likelihood of closing the deal. After all, if you can’t offer high-quality services during the alignment phase, how can they expect high quality from your products or service? 

Despite excellent communication skills, some clients are dealing with an enormous amount of self-doubt. That’s where highly developed persuasion skills come in. You want to demonstrate to them that your products are better than any of your competitors’ – but how? You can’t just merely say, you’re better because that’s subjective. So, how do you prove that? 

The most effective way is to identify pain points and get crystal clear about their desired outcome, and then bridge that gap with your unique solution. 

Want to explore this closing process in more depth, consider enrolling in my inner-circle coaching program, for the first time, we offer 7-days completely free, because we are serious about our training. I will personally coach you and help you implement these life-changing techniques in your business.

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Having worked with everyone from solopreneurs to large scale organizations, Rob has created a track record of massive results.

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