The 3 Secrets to How to Crack the Wealth Code


The 3 Secrets to How to Crack the Wealth Code

–       Leverage Wealth Philosophies, like the top 5%

The overall goal is to make money work for you, not work harder for the money. Growing up, we are praised for working hard – working hard for someone else and their gain. However, rarely are we taught how to work for ourselves and make our assets and skills work for us. 

For the very first time, I am sharing 3 secrets from my inner circle mastermind that revolves around the wealth philosophies leveraged by the top 5% in America and even the world. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, a shortcut, or some quick program to make a lot of money. But instead, I will teach you how to succeed long term, so you will also be able to live like the top 5%. You won’t become wealthy overnight; however, you will become wealthy by doing certain things in a specific sequence over a period of time.


There’s not a specific income need required, but rather income consistency. These strategies are for somebody who has a steady income and has “some” savings that they can allocate and is looking for ways to maximize their return on their investment and pay as little taxes as possible. Whether you are just starting out or are already a successful investor looking to learn how to leverage the wealth code. With the Wealth Code – You are in control of your own destiny.

Investments and opportunities

In school, no one teaches us about different investment vehicles aside from 401(k). Instead we hear about investing in risky opportunities such as stocks, bitcoin, options and expecting a fast and significant return – which you may have heard (or even experienced?), doesn’t always work that way.

Similar to stocks, in recent years people jumped onto the hype of investing in Bitcoin. Personally, I was an early investor; however, I lost so much money when it all came crashing down in 2018.

The real truth about investing is that you won’t make a lot of money overnight, but it’s built overtime. Patience is a virtue when investing, and is significantly less risky, and your investments accumulate a much larger capital gain through the leveraged wonders of compounded interest.

Are you ready to learn “how to” crack the wealth code? I am inviting you to grab a free seat at my exclusive inner-circle investment masterclass, where I will demonstrate how we apply the wealth code consistently, and take away the risk out of investing completely. 

The 3 Secrets of the Wealth Code:

Secret 1: Taxes

We all know that Uncle Sam loves his money, especially in the form of taxes. The goal is to master taxes and keep as much money as legally possible in your pocket. So, in order to crack the wealth code, you want to master how to shelter your money from taxes.

First you have to understand how taxes work:

Thinking of investmenting, there’s 3 different types of tax buckets your investments fall under: Tax Always, Tax-Deferred, and Tax-Free.

What does that mean?

The category Tax Always means that if for example your mutual fund, CD, or stocks that make a profit, even real estate – you are required to pay taxes annually.

Tax-deferred means you delay or defer your taxes – but you still have to pay taxes eventually. This is typical for a 401(k) pension plan, where you delay the taxes until age 59 and a half. Sounds good in theory, but not so much in practice. We don’t know who the president at that time will be and how high the taxes will be, so instead of paying the current 37%, you might end up paying 50%.

You can probably guess what wealthy people do: they invest under a tax-free umbrella. That means that you pay taxes when the money is still small, and keep all the compounded gains long term – with no loss due to increased taxes in the future.

That makes the investment truly tax free.

There’s a sequence to investing: Max out a tax-free strategy, then invest under a tax-deferred strategy, and lastly diversify your investments under a tax always strategy. That’s the first step into applying the wealth code!

Not sure where you are currently invested? Or what investment vehicles are available to you that move you into a Tax-Free scenario? I am inviting you to grab a free seat at my next investment masterclass, where I will demonstrate how we apply the wealth code consistently, and take away the risk out of investing while legally sheltering your money from taxes.

Secret 2: Risk

Can you invest without risk? Absolutely! Your goal is to minimize or entirely eliminate the risk of investing.

Examples of that are called. “Investing Indexed”

Index investing is a passive investment strategy that seeks to replicate the returns of a historically benchmark index. Indexing offers greater diversification, as well as lower expenses and fees, than actively managed strategies.

In traditional investing, if you earn a capital gain on some investments, it does not matter what your capital gain looks like. What really matters is how much money you get to keep (do you still need to pay taxes over your capital gain?) 

That’s why understanding “the sequence to investing” and “with what investment goal” is essential to creating long-term wealth. 

The #1 Rule when it comes to investing: Never lose money. 

Did you know that you can invest risk-free with a great rate of return that is also tax free?

The answer is YOU CAN!

Are you currently investing in the right type of investment vehicle that makes that possible? Are you leveraging the principles of indexed investing? 

Want to learn more how you can eliminate risk out of investing? I am inviting you to grab a seat in my next investment masterclass, where I will demonstrate how we apply the wealth code consistently, taking away the risk out of investing completely. 

Secret 3: Liquidity. 

Speaking about liquidity, when you buy assets (like real estate or other investment classes that generate more money), if you run into a situation when you need the cash, can you sell your assets fast and turn them into cash? This is also known as liquid cash.

Our current situation with the global pandemic is a good example. Many business owners are hurting due to closures and bankruptcies, while many investors are also hurting due to having their cash investments trapped in stocks, mutual funds, or even real estate.

So, what if you need the money for an emergency – but the market is down, and your money is trapped, you cannot liquify it into cash quickly. While real estate is an excellent opportunity for investments and building wealth, you aren’t able to turn a property into quick cash, leaving you basically stranded.

Combo Investments?

In our financial masterclasses we teach a combination that will give you liquidity and a really nice return simultaneously. Remember, it’s not about how much money you make; it’s about how much money you can keep – going back to the #1 rule: don’t lose any money.

Cracking the wealth code is not about investing in many things, it’s about investing in a certain way. It requires a mindset shift and clarity and focus. That’s why I recommend building a 360-degree wealth blueprint before you start investing. Developing a clear vision and path for the future. Ask yourself: Why do you invest? What are you hoping to achieve? And what is the vehicle and investment strategy that can bridge that gap?

Not sure how to invest while having enough liquidity and a great rate of return? I’m inviting you to my leading investment masterclass with limited seating – enroll today!

Start small and build your wealth strategically. 

Investing without a clear plan will leave you confused with a high risk of losing a lot of money, which …you know – violates rule #:1 “never lose money”. Cracking the wealth code is about knowing how to apply these principles and having a personal step-by-step financial blueprint put together that you can follow that will guarantee long term wealth. 

If you want to see how this all applies in reality, this is your chance to grab a free seat for my next masterclass on how to crack the wealth code and how you can build out your own 360-degree wealth blueprint.

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