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Enrollment For EHP Coaching is OPEN - Apply Now!

Sell me this Pen! Reprogramming your mind for better results in life

What we’ll cover:

Do you believe in the story that you’re not in control of life, or family genetics that work against you, and even that you can’t achieve that dream life?

Life is a print out of subconscious behavior that comes from past programming. Just look at your life or results in business, can you pin point where your current programming comes from?

Twice daily we are living in a state of auto-hypnosis. It’s called the Theta State. We have the ability to actively reprogram the subconscious mind to design a character that can fulfill the job. That is in control of the results in life.

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Rob N. Zweerman & the team.

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Rob Zweerman is a rising entrepreneur from the Netherlands. He’s a speaker, business coach, and digital marketing consultant. He specializes in helping people and corporations position their brands by using the power of the internet to build strong relationships with present, past, and potential customers.


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