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My next guest is Melanie McCool – Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist. Melanie McCool is a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist who has spent more than 25 years studying the workings of the mind, and she knows exactly what influences the behaviors of success. By combining elements of the neuroscience of success, money mindset, sales confidence training, and hypnosis, Melanie helps entrepreneurs quickly remove subconscious blocks and end the cycle of procrastination and self sabotage. The result? Both revenues and impact skyrocket.

  • Melanie will share with us how to Program Yourself For Prosperity !
  • I will do a Live Q&A during the Livestream, so DON’T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY to get direct feedback from inside the BRILLIANT mind of a very accomplished entrepreneur!

#BONUS! I am excited to announce that we’ll raffle a give-away LIVE during the show! This is priceless!

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