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Enrollment For EHP Coaching is OPEN - Apply Now!

Level Up Your Brand And Business With Your Mind And Story


Our next guest is Jennifer James, award winning film and television producer, certified Mindful Practitioner coach, lean six sigma, yoga instructor and successful entrepreneur. The last 20+ years she has spent developing her career in the corporate world. More recently she transitioned to work as a Consultant as she focused on building, evolving, and running teams for Fortune 500 companies. She moonlights as an award winning film and television producer in partnership with her husband, Courtney, producing content out of their company. They are passionate storytellers and content creators. They both have created everything from documentary features, web series, music videos and corporate videos.

  • Jennifer is a certified Mindful Practitioner coach, lean six sigma, yoga instructor, and now back in school for her Mindful Self-Compassion Teaching certifications. Jennifer has cultivated The Art of Mindful Storytelling as part of her philosophy to help entrepreneurs and business owners build confidence and create impact through storytelling.
  • Jennifer will share with us all how to level up your brand & business by building a mindful mindset & mastering your story.
  •  I will do a Live Q&A during the Livestream, so DON’T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY to get direct feedback from inside the BRILLIANT mind of a very accomplished entrepreneur.
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