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How To Franchise A Gym


Today on the Entrepreneur Speaker Series, our guest Jesse James Leyva went from personal training in the fitness space, to owning a Nationwide Fitness Franchise. Jesse saw an opportunity in franchising. Fitness in general is a profitable industry. But in the U.S., the fitness franchise industry grew by 6.3% and reached $4 billion in annual revenue in 2019. Fitness is one of the fastest growing sectors in the franchising world. In fact, in Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing franchises in America.   Today the Outlaw FitCamp franchise has experienced tremendous growth. Tune in LIVE in today’s episode and learn how to build a business of scale in today’s economy.   LIVE Q&A’s from the audience, and a special give-away. Don’t miss this EPIC interview with Jesse James Leyva of Outlaw FitCamp at 10.15AM CST

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