Becoming Successful By Focusing On One Thing


Here’s a scenario that you are probably familiar with…

If I can handle five things at once, I’ll be more effective. If I’ll be more effective then I’ll be more productive. If more productive then I’ll be more successful. The more successful, the happier. It all seems like the right way to do things, right?

The answer is NO!

I’m not denying that there are times when multitasking is useful or even required. Often our agenda’s are packed with to-do’s which makes it essential that we function as efficiently as possible. Sometimes that means finding ways of doing more than one thing at the same time.

However, when multitasking becomes a regular habit, we deprive ourselves of a sense of accomplishment or pride in what we have done because we are still doing something else. We don’t experience a feeling of completion because we don’t make time to slow down and celebrate what we’ve already done because there is still so much to do.

So how do we get more productive, be successful, and feel accomplished?

By focusing our time on ONE THING…

Based on the book the ONE THING, Gary Keller, argues that highly successful people concentrate their efforts on a single task or activity that will produce the most desired result. A few things always matter more than the rest, but the thing that matters most out of these few is your One Thing.

I believe that successful people reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do. Their vision is aligned with their daily tasks and if it doesn’t help getting closer to their goal then it’s not important. So, if extraordinary results come from ONE thing, it makes sense to dedicate a disproportionate amount of time to it, right?

How do you exactly make your ONE thing work for you?

I want to quickly share with you today some tips to help you focus on your one thing and see the results that you want.

#1: Time Blocking

The most powerful tool for creating a productive day, week, month, or year. When you create blocks of time on your calendar for your ONE thing, you set an appointment with yourself. Set a time block of at least four hours every morning to work on your ONE thing.

#2: The Three Commitments

Anyone seeking to make the most of their time and achieve extraordinary results must commit to three things: mastery, pursuit of the best approach, and accountability.

The first commitment is mastery. It will give the best version of you to your most important work. Remember that this is a journey, a continuous process of learning and practicing what you already know and apprenticing what you don’t.

The second commitment is the pursuit of the ONE thing. You must take a purposeful approach and keep challenging the level of effort you think is acceptable. Resist the urge to settle for what feels natural and comfortable.

The third commitment is to live the accountability cycle of results. It means taking complete responsibility over your outcomes. It means choosing to be the author and not the victim of your life.

#3: Maintaining Productivity

There are four common factors that rob you of your productivity, the first of which is an inability to say “No.” The way you handle interruptions, invitations, and requests for help has a direct bearing on your productivity. The only way to protect what you choose to focus on— your ONE thing— is to say no to everything else. Make a habit of saying a plain no.

For most people, the fear of chaos is what stands between them and extraordinary results. They can’t bring themselves to accept that success is a messy process: focusing on ONE thing leaves other things undone, other people unattended to, and a lot of loose ends. The pursuit of extraordinary results begins when you accept that anything you pursue with intensity invites chaos.

Poor health habits are also productivity killers because they limit your ability to focus and function. To sacrifice your health by staying up late, skipping exercise, or eating poorly in the hope that your outcomes will well be worth it is to make a horrible deal with yourself. It comes from making exercise a daily practice, spending time with your loved ones to raise your emotional energy, and planning your day around what matters most.

An environment that does not support your goals is just as disruptive as poor health habits. Make it your mission to surround yourself with people who support your goals and are success-minded. Their achievements will influence yours. Your physical environment has as much influence on your productivity. Stay clear of distractions.

#4: Taking Action


Get the power of the ONE thing to work for you and bring clarity to your life by considering the most important thing you can do to make everything else easier. Pick an area of your life you want to grow and think about how far you can go in five years. Now try to imagine something bigger than that and work that dream backwards, going down the steps of what you need to do in the present moment that will allow you to get there.

Consider the ONE thing you need to do to get closer to the goals. You have set goals for each area of your life. Think big, and be specific as possible. Set time blocks to ensure you will be able to focus on your ONE thing, and make a habit of prioritizing the appointments with yourself.

By doing the best you can to pursue your purpose and live your fullest potential is the way to a life of happiness, a life without regrets. Because in the end, it is what you didn’t do, not what you did, that will eventually haunt you. The journey to live the fullest life possible begins by thinking big and going small. So rather than spending the day multitasking, try boosting your productivity by doing one thing at a time.

Concentrating on that one thing is your gateway to success. Have faith in your purpose and it will sustain the journey.

Question… Are you ready to become successful by focusing on one thing at a time?

And what are you going to focus on first?

In my brand new Book ‘The 7-Step Blueprint to Success’ I go into depth about the power of successful habits such as focusing on the ONE THING that produces 80% of the results and share my own personal templates that will help you track your own behavioral patterns so you won’t get distracted and remain hyper focused on the things that moves your life forward.

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Because remember…

Freedom Demands Attention,

Rob Zweerman

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